Over the Counter & Prescription Allergy Medications

Talk to your pharmacist - ask if any of the medications you are taking could be causing certain side effects. Pharmacists often know specific side effects and drug interactions of specific drugs better than many doctors do. That’s their job. It is important to tell them about any prescriptions you may have received from another pharmacy that you are continuing to take, as they will only know about the drugs dispensed from their pharmacy to you. This will help rule out duplicates of the same class of drugs, i.e. drugs for diabetes, drugs for heart condition, tranquilizer drugs, pain drugs, etc.

Topamax, or Toprimamate, an anti-seizure drug used to prevent migraines, is sometimes used to treat alcohol dependency and prevent alcohol cravings, but I’ve have had minimal success with it, and have found it to produce complications. It may cause mental slowing, cognitive slowing, and may effect the kidneys.

Non prescription diet pills are considered safe but they too can create problems and this is why one should consult one’s doctor prior to taking fat lose drugs. There is no reason to risk your life by taking diet pill when you don’t know how your body will react to the new thing. There are many fat control medicines and one can be confused after knowing the range of drugs available for controlling fat.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts wants to do their part in reducing prescription drug abuse so they are planning to limit physicians’ power to write new prescriptions for more than a 30 day supply. This plan will begin on July 1, 2012 and doctors will no longer be able to write prescriptions for 60 or 90 days for pain pills. The exception to this law is for the terminally ill or cancer patients.

Trafficking charges, even for a first offense, can carry a penalty of up to 25 years in prison. Even when the sentence is lighter (probation, house arrest, treatment) the offender is labeled a felon for the rest of their lives. This affects their rights, ability to get and maintain employment, and to live a productive life.

Mast cell stabilizers stop the release of histamines form mast cells. When consumed mast cell stabilizers have an anti inflammatory effect to treat inflammation in the bronchial tubes. They are available in inhalers, eye drops, and nasal sprays. Much like steroids, mast cell stabilizers must be taken for several weeks to feel their full benefit in the body. Some side effects of mast cell stabilizers include throat irritation, coughing, skin rashes, burning, stinging or blurred vision. Mast cell stabilizers include Intal, Tilade, Crolom, Alomide, Opticrom, Alamast and Nasalcrom.